About Traderemedies.ru

Traderemedies.ru is a unique web resource on the issues of trade remedy investigations and anti-dumping, safeguards and countervailing measures imposed in Russia and other WTO countries.

The website contains legal information and other methodologies on the preparation and conduction of trade remedy investigations, interviews and commentary from leading experts, the latest news on the ongoing investigations.

The main objectives of the web site are:

-         Informing the business on the practice of trade remedy measures use;

-         Accumulation of an actual information on trade remedy measures at a single resource;

-         Establishing a platform for experience exchange among the best Russian and foreign experts.

The target audiences of the website are: trade associations, expert community, law companies (Russian and foreign), public authorities and the media.




Project coordinator: Viacheslav Evseev

Tel/fax: +7 (495) 725-10-88, E-mail: info@traderemedies.ru

Of.535, 23 Novoslobodskaya st., Moscow, 127055, Russia